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Roofing Adhesive

Roofing adhesive is the one which is used to apply the rubber roofing to the roof tops by making sure that the rubber roofs won’t get torn or move. The adhesive roofing is chosen as per the requirements and the engineers carefully inspect the conditions before choosing the right adhesive.. We offer different types of roofing felt adhesive which has different strength and specifications. The roofing adhesive is carefully inspected and the right formula and materials are used to make the adhesive for long lasting effects.

The desired results for the rubber roofing cannot be achieved unless the specified adhesive type is used. The usage of low quality adhesive roofing can also result in the leakage in the roof which might result in the becoming the cause of damage for roofs.We offer water based EPDM adhesive for adhering one piece membrane to wood roofs whereas, the roofing contact adhesive might be used on regular roof tops.

We offer quality rubber roof adhesive to our customers where we ensure that the adhesive will last long and won’t lose its stickness resulting in the rubber roof to move away from the roof floor. Our customers can get the epdm adhesive delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom where we also make sure that the ordered roofing adhesive delivered to the customer on time.

  1. Water Based EPDM Adhesive for adhering One Piece Membrane to a timber deck

    Water Based EPDM Adhesive for adhering One Piece Membrane to a timber deck

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    Price: £26.24 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Water Based Deck Adhesive

    Water Based Deck Adhesive

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    Price: £34.48 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Roofing Contact Adhesive

    Roofing Contact Adhesive

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    Price: £14.98 (Excl. VAT)